Limitless flexibility

Start small, gain experience and expand to your needs.

Magement is built for flexibility, to fit your business and IT requirements. The data integration patterns that are needed to connect applications will be different from each other. Magement supports all industry standards to get you started quickly and solid.


Ways of connecting systems & data


One-way connection

Creating a connection between two applications by transferring data through Magement. Within Magement the data is being transformed and mapped before published to an end application. The data integration pattern that is commonly applied within a one-way connection is known as ‘Migration’.


Bi-directional synchronization

Creating connections between two or more applications by storing data in Magement, enabling the ability to compare data and efficiently reuse and publish data to different applications. Within Magement data is being stored, compared, transformed and mapped before (re)published to the end application. The data integration patterns that are commonly applied within bi-directional syncs are known as ‘Broadcast, bi-directional and/or correlation’.


Many-to-many synchronization

Creating connections between multiple applications, synchronizing data in any preferable way. Within Magement data is being stored, compared, transformed and mapped before (re)published to end applications. An IT ecosystem with its applications will contain different ways of synchronizing applications. Different data integration patterns like ‘Broadcast, aggregation, bi-directional and/or correlation‘ can be used and work together to enable a full scale applications integration within the cloud.


Untangle your systems

In an ever more automated world, problems are solved by systems that depend on data. Your data. Modern businesses rely on a complex network of applications, all requiring a constant stream of the most recent data from various other systems.

Companies tend to tie systems to each other, creating long term flexibility, scalability and stability issues. With large amounts of data and high frequency synchronizations, an IT ecosystem can quickly become a tangled web of data, prone to error. That’s where Magement comes in.


Are your applications tied together?

Magement helps you to be flexible and independent, avoiding decentralized programming.

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Your applications can be connected centrally

Connecting, transforming and mapping data is done within a middleware platform.

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Choose Magement

Modern businesses need a sustainable solution for connecting data. Magement gives you the ability to become platform independent (e.g. upgrades and replatforming). Its platform relieves your applications and increases performance and stability. With Magement, the time to market reduces up to 60%. And with its powerful interface, you can easily adjust connections or fix issues without needing to code.

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