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Magement is the perfect solution to connect systems. It allows your systems to be connected more reliably and faster. Like your ERP, WMS, PIM, and so on. Magement gives you insights and control of your systems data streams with a user friendly interface.


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Future-proof eComm

Conneting systems sounds like putting a plug in the socket. Though the complexity requires limitless flexibility. That’s what makes Magement really shine. You don’t want limitations in connecting your eComm ecosystem. You want to grow and scale while we solve your business problems. Magement is for growth and is easy to scale to satisfy the most demanding requirements.


Why Magement

Commerce is moving fast. This growth comes with many issues merchants are facing. What platforms does your business need? How do you ensure that these different platforms are successfully integrated? And that the data is always accurate and up to date? What if a platform needs to be updated, or when new solutions and technologies are rising. With over 10 years of commerce integration experience, we developed a structural and future-proof solution.


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Data exchange is essential. Magement is the flexible, yet powerful core of your eCommerce ecosystem. Connect your systems and simplify data exchange while handling large quantities of data.


Connect with your eCommerce platform

Commerce sites need to export and import specific data to a variety of systems at different times. This often results in a complex data structure which makes managing and maintaining a risky task. The roots of Magement lie in over 10 years of experience with integrating commerce platforms with other applications. However, Magement is by no means restricted to the a specific platform. In fact, Magement was specially built to know nothing about an endpoint. Efficiently sending the right data from A to B is the primary objective. Whether it's sending data from a eComm website, a CRM, ERP, a PIM or an AI platform. Magement has been created to make integrations as easy as possible.