Magento and Standard Integration


Magement offers various standard integrations that can be used to set up connections between different applications as quickly as possible. We’re excited to introduce our newest addition to our standard connections. From now on it is possible to quickly connect a Magento ecommerce website to, a popular loyalty platform, with the help of our standard integration.

With, a complete loyalty program can be set up within minutes. The loyalty program allows customers to earn points for the actions they perform for the benefit of the ecommerce website. Customers can then use the points they have earned to obtain a discount on their next purchase. For this, needs two entities from Magento: the customers and orders. In order to synchronize the entities with, a connection will have to be made between the two applications.

Merchants can use a module to connect the two applications. When an order is placed in Magento, the module synchronizes the data with Customers will be synchronized when they are updated within Magento.

However, this way of connecting comes with potential and unnecessary risks. Because the module is embedded within the Magento platform and the checkout process, it could provide unexpected results. For example, a situation can occur that Magento had to be updated because of an urgent security patch and that this security patch causes the module to no longer work as expected. This could lead to a non-functioning checkout process, with all its consequences.

As an alternative to using a module within Magento, merchants can choose to connect the applications by using Magement. Magement has a standardized connection that uses the API’s of both applications. And these connectors are comprehensively tested by a specialized testing company. The advantage of the API is that it is available within Magento and by default. No development or additional actions are required. Magement uses the API’s to synchronize the right data between Magento and, so that the Merchants can focus on the most important thing: to retain customers and transform them into ambassadors.

Pricing starts at €29 p/m