Magement is Technology Partner of Marello


Marello, a popular Oro based Unified Commerce Management system and Magement have become partners to complement each others areas of expertise. With an extensive set of features, companies can solve their omnichannel challenges and streamline commerce processes like sales channels, orders, inventory, and more.

With this partnership companies are able to embed Marello within their ecosystem without platform-side coding. With Magement connecting the in- and outgoing data from other applications can be done more easily and monitoring the datastreams can be done more profound. Magement helps companies by ensuring that application and data integration projects are being done careful and thoroughly.

Marello connects your business commerce processes in real-time. A unique unified experience allows shoppers to buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, and return anywhere with one piece of software, one single version of the truth. Marello offers the following features:

  • Order Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Product Management

  • Customer management

  • Fulfillment System

  • Business Intelligence

Magement offers an extensive set of features that enable businesses to connect their applications and data with Marello. With the features that Marello offers, it’s likely that multiple business applications like ERP and WMS systems need to be connected to achieve optimal efficiency and streamlined processes. These applications have different ways to extract and receive data, and the structure of the data varies. Magement offers the right solutions and tools to enable the integration of applications from simple to complex use cases.

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