Integrate Shopify with ERP

There are many different ways to integrate Shopify an ERP - back office application. One of the more common ways is by connecting both applications directly on the Shopify side. Magement offers a different way. Our software allows you to integrate both applications by using a middleware. This gives you several benefits for both short and long terms.


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No extensions overload

By using Magement you will get the best out of your Shopify website by avoiding an extension overload. With Magement’s API strategy and Shopify REST Admin API your platforms stay updatable and less dependent on third party code. Magement gives you the ability to keep your Shopify website(s) lean and mean.

No single point of failure

With Magement your applications will serve their purpose and remain the keeper of your data. Magement receives data, temporarily stores it, makes sure that it’s normalized and transformed in a way that it can seamlessly be sent to the end application. This avoids the traditional single point of failure.


Reuse your data

By storing received data temporarily, it gives you the ability to reuse data for different purposes. This way you can - for example - send your Shopify customers to your CRM, to your helpdesk software and your backoffice ERP and make sure that all of your data is synced in a proper and sustainable way.


What our clients say

Our ecommerce strategy is to become less bound to any restrictions with a hybrid platform. With Magement we realised a very stable and future-proof synchronisation for our new ecommerce sites. During a project where you’re building a completely new platform, you can reconsider choices that have been made in the past. It gives Jac Hensen the chance to develop an ecommerce platform that’s even better, faster, more flexible and more reliable. With Magement we were able to do exactly that. A very flexible robust connection between applications, makes Jac Hensen online much more agile in the future. Jac Hensen is thoroughly thrilled to be on this journey with MediaCT and we can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon
— Jos Pieters - head of ecommerce Jac Hensen


Your project is in good hands

A great benefit regarding your Shopify integration project is that Magement has a similar technology architecture to Shopify. Next to that our team of engineers and consultants have extensive ecommerce experience and close contacts with the Shopify ecosystem. You may decide if you let your team do the implementation for your integration project, or - partially - involve the Magement Services team. Our team is capable to support your developers and managers during your project.

We are here to help you to run a successful integration project!


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