Mapping data just became easier


A common challenge in connecting applications is making sure that the data is mapped correctly from one application to another. Data contains all kinds of subsets and data attributes, and in order to create a relationship between the incoming and outgoing data, mapping must be applied.

As data sources constantly changes, you need to be able to adapt quickly to ensure that data keeps on flowing seamlessly to your end point. Magement has enhanced its platform with a brand new feature to map datasets and specific data attributes.



We love making things simple. You don't need to write code or deploy to achieve mapping result. Just log in to Magement, find the data set you want to map, select the corresponding data set on your end point and you're set! And if you have a one-to-many integration you can map to different endpoints, just simply repeat these steps per end point until you're done.


Stay organized

Keeping track of your mappings can be a hassle. Especially with large data sets or when your applications data needs to be published to different endpoints. Magement offers you the ability to filter your dataset based on what has been already matched and what has not. This way you’ll get a clear and compact overview of mapping that still needs to be done.


Smart suggestions

We’ve added a smart feature helping you map data even more quickly. Magement makes suggestions based on similarities on both data sides. Magement compares and suggests mappings if it’s likely that the data matches. Then it’s up to you to decide if it’s correct, simply by pressing a simple confirmation button.


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