Magento and Centric ERP integration

Magento and Centric ERP integration

“Move the data transformation and logic to Magement, creating flexibility for future ambitions.”

AGU, a leading bicycling brand from The Netherlands sells reliable, functional and stylish cycling clothing and accessories to cyclists and mountain bikers at all levels. Founded in 1966, AGU has gained much experience since and evolved to a significant B2B player within the BeNeLux. Over the last decade, digital commerce has become an increasing and extensive part of their strategy. With Centric as ERP backoffice and Magento as commerce platform, an integration was required to optimise their current workflow and to make preparations for future ambitions.

Magement was chosen to process AGU’s Magento Orders to Centric Tradeworld and to process stock data from Centric to Magento. Centric Tradeworld is a modular build all-in-one solution that supports wholesalers with activities as trade, production, services, warehouse, transport and personnel. Solutions like Business Intelligence, Document Management, e-Business and Workflow Management are part of Centric Tradeworld.

With AGU’s successful Magento site, orders needed to be seamlessly exported into Centric Tradeworld. Magement temporarily stores data from Magento and transforms the order data to meet the data structure needed for Centric Tradeworld.

Next to that, Magement subscribes all stock data from Centric. Magement stores the data and detect changes in stock. The changes are being published to Magento. In order to keep both systems accurately, Magento pushes all product SKU’s to Magement.

AGU’s e-commerce managers and solution partner MediaCT collaborated on this project, delivering a smooth and stable data route between the IT systems. This integration delivers an optimisation within the current process of AGU. Next to that the integration serves as a preparation within AGU's IT ecosystem for future growth.

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