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Benefits of using Magement vs. internal microservices

Nowadays, data plays a very important role within the industry. For example, companies are collecting more and more data on a larger scale, so that they can better understand their customers and thus serve them even better. Data plays such a central role in many companies that it could be said that this has become one of the most valuable assets. And if the accuracy and reliability of data is assured, it can be turned into important information. Information the company can use to excel. Because of the value this data brings, it is wise for a company to think about how the IT landscape can best be organized. In this article we will discuss the benefits of Magement.

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Magement Deep Dive: A Basic Transformer

Data sent from one application to another needs to be made compatible to be accepted. The exchange protocol and file types can be different (SOAP, REST), but so can the specific required information (ex. filter out unneeded information or add a new required field), the way values are described (ex. "red"/"blue"/"green" versus "R"/"B"/"G" versus 0/1/2) and other similar - but critical - details.

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