Case study: Migrating Jac Hensen from Magento 1 to Magento 2


The well known established Dutch retailer Jac Hensen has an ambitious and future proof strategy regarding digital commerce. Wether you call it omnichannel or not, Jac Hensen is harmonizing their channels for over a decade to optimize the customer experience. The current Magento 1 platform did not meet their requirements anymore, so a roll-out of the newest version of Magento started next to Jac Hensen’s existing website. A thorough migration strategy was thought of together with Magement’s partner MediaCT.

Magement has provided a solution to synchronize product, stock and order data between their custom ERP and the ecommerce platform. Jac Hensen has both physical and digital stores, and manages all their products for all the channels in the ERP. The infrastructure, workflow and processes are according to the needs and requirements of Jac Hensen. Magement allows them to keep their workflow of managing the product catalogue in one familiar place. And the process of managing orders and stock also remains unchanged.

This has been achieved without burdening the Magento 2 environment, and runs parallel to the previous Magento 1 connections. This lowers the risk of a ‘big bang’ as they can optimize their Magento 2 webshop before migrating completely.

Magement connects with the SOAP server attached to the ERP as well as with the native REST API of Magento, to synchronize the entities marked in blue for the initial implementation phase:


More in-depth details


  • Over 10,000 configurable products with over 50,000 simple product options are automatically synchronized to Magento.

Product catalogue synchronization steps

  • Retrieve updated products, containing sizes, price, stock information and more.

  • Create configurable products in Magento

  • Create simple products in Magento

  • Create the relationships between the configurable and simples


  • Retrieve category mapping information from Magento. The ERP and Magento have separate category trees and the 1-to-1 relationship of each category is managed in Magento. After this is imported, the product from the ERP is associated with the correct category in Magento.

  • The ERP provides the product attribute options as text (examples: color, manufacturer). Magento contains the same attribute text options, but their ids need to be retrieved. Subsequently, Magement can make the correct API requests to Magento.


  • Magement retrieves order updates from Magento and transforms them to the correct format for providing the data to the ERP. Note that Magento outputs both the configurable as well as the simple product for each order line, which needs to be reduced to only one product to the ERP.

A bright future

With this accomplishment, Jac Hensen is making significant stepping stones to harmonize their channels even further. No matter if the customer will be in the store or online the experience will be the same; Jac Hensen is unifying commerce at its best.

Our client speaks

Magento 2 is the next big bold step for Jac Hensen. The look and feel of Jac Hensen online has been completely revamped to a modern standard. Simplicity, mobile and product first are at the center of its design. We also wanted a more hybrid platform that wouldn’t be bound to any kind of restrictions. Because of the joint strategy to build more flexible (E-)Commerce platforms with connections between applications and using the native API of Magento 2, MediaCT and Jac Hensen have created a very stable synchronization by using Magement. During a project where you’re building a completely new platform, you can reconsider choices that have been made in the past. It gives Jac Hensen the chance to develop an E-commerce platform that’s even better, faster, more flexible and more reliable. With Magement we were able to do exactly that. A very flexible robust connection between applications, makes Jac Hensen online much more agile in the future. Jac Hensen is thoroughly thrilled to be on this journey with MediaCT and we can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon for Magement and Magento 2.
— Jos Pieters, Head of eCommerce Jac Hensen

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